The Peke-A-Tzu
Our "Peke-A-Tzu" puppies are the perfect
mix of our Pekingese & Shih Tzu.  Bringing
you a sweet little, fluffy, flat faced, intelligent,
LOW to NON-shedding puppy to love forever.
Designer Dogs at Their Finest!
Peke-A-Tzu are also know as the "Shinese",
which are recognized by the
American Canine Hybrid Club.
As with all of our puppies, they are raised
with love & socialization from day one of
their lives. They will be up to date on all
vaccines & wormings, come with a
written Health Guarantee, complete health record up to date, breed specific
information & grooming tips, sample bag of food
& a gift bag.  Bred for health & temperament
providing you with a clean, healthy,happy,
flea-free puppy!!
Heterosis Effect
Purebreds and inbreeds often carry genetic disease. Heterosis is a theory,
where the phenomenon of crossing two inbred lines can produce descendants
with superior genetic foundation. In addition to the absence of inbreeding
depressing, present in inbreed and purebred dogs in general, there is some
remote inbreeding in any breed. Heterosis is also produced by over dominance,
i.e. better combined function of two diverse genes (alleles) on a gene site
(locus), compared to two identical (but harmless) ones. This increased health
and vigor does not create a superior breed, but the advantages obtained from it
are what produce hybrid vigor. This goal in this scenario is not to create a new
breed, but to create a happy and healthy pet.

Heterosis effect results in a healthier, more vigorous dog with a reduced
chance of genetic disease. It is well known in all domestic animal breeding,
hybrids, 50%-50% mixes of two different breeds, will raise the chances of
having less genetic diseases because all doubling of detrimental effects will
stop in the first generation. The genetic term for this is HETEROSIS EFFECT.
This effect often gives non-related individuals stronger descendants than
Here is  my Mom-Pictured here with 2
Peke-A-Tzu pups.
Aren't they fabulous!
Below are pictures of some of the  
Peke-A-Tzu puppies we've had!
Please contact Brenda or Joe:
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Above is the "furry bunch" at the Gatts
residence. Ted & Karen are sharing their lives
with 4 Peke-A-Tzu's:  Mork, Mindy Skipper &  
Ginger,as well as Gracie, the Shepard mix  &
Oscar the cat! Thank you Gatts family!
(Jesse & Biff Puppy)
(Jesse & Rocky Puppy)
(Jesse & Rocky Puppy)
Ted & Karen Gatts with Skipper,
Ginger, Mork & Mindy!
Introducing "Stash's Tiny Toes"!
Tiny is one of our very own 1st Generation
Peke-A-Tzu puppies born to Jesse & Rocky. We
have decided to keep her here & bring her on board
to our breeding program.. Tiny will be producing the
F1B Peke-a-Tzu.
(Jesse & Rocky Puppy)
~Isabella & Peanut~
(Emma & Rocky)
~Isabella ~
(Emma & Rocky)
(Emma & Rambo)
~Sylvester ~
(Jesse & Rambo)